1. Support for Family Farmers: I will push for policies that support family farmers over large corporate agriculture interests. This may include measures to level the playing field in agricultural markets, such as enforcing antitrust laws to prevent monopolistic practices.
  2. Crop Insurance Reform: I will advocate for reforms to crop insurance programs to ensure they are more equitable for smaller and diversified farms, and to provide better risk management tools for farmers facing increasingly unpredictable weather patterns due to climate change.
  3. Conservation Programs: I will advocate robust conservation programs that incentivize sustainable farming practices, protect soil health, improve water quality, and promote biodiversity.
  4. Rural Development: I will advocate for investments in rural infrastructure, including broadband internet access, rural healthcare facilities, transportation infrastructure, and small business development programs, to help revitalize rural economies.Predators: I will advocate for selective methods to protect farmers from predators based on expert analysis. This included:
    • relocation
    • selective hunting
    • equitable reimbursement for loses due to predation
  5. Fair Trade Policies: The Farmers Union may advocate for fair trade policies that prioritize the interests of American farmers and ensure that trade agreements do not undermine domestic agriculture by flooding the market with cheap imports.
  6. Support for Beginning Farmers: I will push for initiatives to support beginning farmers and ranchers, including access to land, credit, technical assistance, and education programs to help new farmers get started and succeed in agriculture.
  7. Livestock Market Reform: I will seek reforms to livestock markets to address concerns about market concentration, price manipulation, and unfair practices that disadvantage independent livestock producers.
  8. Access to Healthcare and Social Services: I will advocate for policies that improve access to healthcare and social services in rural areas, including funding for rural healthcare facilities, rural mental health services, and nutrition assistance programs.